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The World Coffee Museum officially opened the thematic exhibition "Trinh Cong Son - Inspiration from Zen and Coffee". This is the first thematic exhibition about Trinh Cong Son held in Buon Ma Thuot - the birthplace of the late musician and lasting until the end of August 2023.

When Vietnamese new music began to develop, from around the beginning of the twentieth century until now, musician Trinh Cong Son was one of the greats of this period. His music is widely known to the public at home and abroad because his works are associated with profound life philosophies, becoming an endless source of inspiration for artistic creativity. Many music critics have commented on how the lyrics in Trinh's music contribute to building a Zen lifestyle, including American professor John C. Schafer who wrote: "listening to Trinh Cong Son's music is for many Vietnamese people." It's almost like listening to a chant"... The story of Trinh Cong Son's music that started at a coffee shop in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) has spread strongly to many fans. his grave. But not all audiences know that the late musician was born and raised in Lac Giao village, now Buon Ma Thuot city - home of the best Robusta coffee beans in the world.

Representatives of Dak Lak Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, musician Trinh Cong Son's family, experts and guests attended the exhibition.

To contribute to spreading the image of the coffee capital of Buon Ma Thuot - the birthplace of the late musician Trinh Cong Son and the great values of his music, the World Coffee Museum, Trung Nguyen Legend organized the exhibition. Thematic exhibition "Trinh Cong Son - Inspiration from Zen and Coffee". This is the first Trinh Cong Son thematic exhibition held in Buon Ma Thuot - the birthplace of the late musician. Through the content of the exhibition, visitors will discover and learn extremely poetic stories from the talented musician's childhood, his daily habits of enjoying coffee as well as his Zen nature. his musical legacy. "Inspiration from Zen and Coffee" is interwoven throughout the musician's creative life as well as the artistic projects and products that Trung Nguyen Legend has launched and introduced to the public based on that inspiration.

Visitors visit the display space at the exhibition.

The exhibition started with excitement when Trinh Cong Son's songs were harmonized by the Chi Ri Ria band, from the Dak Lak Province Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe, with traditional musical instruments of the Central Highlands ethnic groups such as: T 'rung, Dinh Pad, Ching ding, drums... At the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Trung Truc, representative of musician Trinh Cong Son's family shared: "When receiving information that the World Coffee Museum plans to organize organized an exhibition about Mr. Son with the theme "Inspiration from Zen and Coffee", and just the two words "Zen" and "Coffee" can say almost everything about the brother of our family. . This is also one of the family's orientations in preserving and spreading his musical legacy more widely to future generations." As for Ms. Le Hai Anh, a tourist from the city. Ho Chi Minh shared: "I have listened to Trinh's music for more than 20 years, since I was very young. Trinh Cong Son's music has a profound influence and can comfort and heal the soul, including mine. So I was extremely surprised and excited when I had the opportunity to learn about a part of his life through the exhibition when visiting the World Coffee Museum."

A display corner of the exhibition "Trinh Cong Son - Inspiration from Zen and Coffee".

Thematic exhibitions are an activity held periodically and regularly at the World Coffee Museum with the desire to spread the values of the coffee industry associated with the development of all fields such as: history, culture, economy, society, art, science... Among them, there are many exhibitions at the World Coffee Museum that are rated by leading domestic and international experts and researchers. High prices for both creative and unique content and display. Also within the framework of the exhibition: "Trinh Cong Son - Inspiration from Zen and Coffee", to help the community in Buon Ma Thuot enjoy Trinh Cong Son's music from a new, more contemporary perspective, the Museum Coffee World and Coffee City jointly organized the program "Trinh Music in Contemporary Flow" exclusively for owners of the Coffee City urban area on the evening of May 21, 2023. The program has the participation of singer Ha Le, who breathed new life into modern styles such as R&B, Rap... to connect Trinh's musical values closer to the young generations of Vietnam.

As of May 2023, the World Coffee Museum has welcomed nearly 200,000 visitors in a series of important events such as: The 8th Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival in 2023, the occasion of Hung's death anniversary. Vuong, grand celebration April 30 - May 1... New thematic exhibitions will continue to be held quarterly and are expected to welcome the 5 millionth visitor since opening (November 23, 2018). in 2023!