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Thiền Coffee Civilization

Thiền Coffee Civilization - Eastern philosophy, Mindful lifestyle

When researching the history, origins, and culture of coffee around the world, Trung Nguyen Legend found that coffee originated in Ethiopia and developed, forming the Ottoman (Eastern) coffee civilization. Imported and developed by the West created the Roman coffee civilization. From here, Westerners brought coffee back to the East to cultivate large areas of raw materials, providing humanity with an indispensable energy drink in life. The movement, development, and return can be concluded that coffee was born and developed like a cycle from East to West and then returned to its roots, searching for Eastern civilization.

Humanity has considered the West as the pinnacle of civilization that needs to be learned from, but when change and development reach a "threshold" thanks to inventions and science, over cups of coffee, people begin to make a quiet pilgrimage searching for "the lost paradise". Through archaeological and historical research, leading scientists and scholars are looking for those concepts, lifestyles, values, and meanings of Eastern life which have been forgotten, or have been somehow removed from Western culture and life. And under any circumstances, coffee has always appeared during that search journey...

Trung Nguyen Legend has devoted more than 26 years to research on the knowledge base of Philosophical Coffee

With that meaning, Trung Nguyen Legend has devoted more than 26 years to research on the knowledge base of Philosophical Coffee, learning the quintessence filtered from the spirit of Japanese tea ceremony, the quintessence of Vietnamese tea art, to create Thiền coffee civilization.

Thiền coffee civilization has been inspired by the crystallization between Roman and Ottoman civilizations with the desire to bring the values and meanings in the life of Eastern civilization closer to the community through the art of enjoying coffee.

Created by Trung Nguyen Legend based on the philosophy of Eastern civilization, enjoying Thiền coffee is for each person to self-reflect and think about their own lives. A session of enjoying and experiencing Thiền coffee helps participants not only open up and learn about the source of culture, civilization, and the world of coffee along with the cup of coffee they enjoy, but also clearly understand about the outlook on life, the meaning of life in every action, thereby creating for themselves a mindful lifestyle to pursue true success and happiness.