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Ottoman Coffee Civilization

Ottoman coffee civilization is the coffee civilization of the Islamic world, where coffee is considered a divine drink, stimulating creativity

The coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia (Northeast Africa) around the 9th century. This is one of the most ancient kingdoms, with a unique multi-ethnic culture. When coffee was discovered, local people used coffee leaves and beans to make simple food and drinks. According to folk legend, coffee is considered to be God's tears dripping onto the bodies of shamans. The Oromo tribe today still maintains the custom of planting a coffee tree on the graves of shamans.

The earliest coffee lovers were Muslims and coffee followed them everywhere to many countries and territories of the Middle East. Along with the growth of the Ottoman kingdom from the 10th to the 16th century, the Ottoman coffee civilization was formed, representing the Islamic world, where coffee was considered a divine, stimulating creativity.

In the 16th century, the first coffee shop in Istanbul was born. From here, coffee opened up a new field of economic activity and changed Ottoman social life. Coffee shops were not just places to enjoy coffee but functioned as cultural spaces. People from different ethnicities, classes, and professions played chess, read news, discussed social issues, and looked for business opportunities. Writers, poets, and folk artists came to display their works of art and poetry.

Thưởng thức tách cà phê Ottoman là thưởng thức một nghi thức truyền thống, có hương vị “đen như địa ngục, mạnh mẽ như cái chết và ngọt ngào như tình yêu”, đòi hỏi phải có tâm thế thư thái, kiên nhẫn chờ đợi và thưởng thức chậm rãi từng ngụm mới cảm được từng làn hương thơm quyến rũ của cà phê. Tâm thái sáng tạo của nghi thức pha cà phê Ottoman giúp rèn luyện tính kiên nhẫn, thư giãn và được ví như “sữa của ngươi chơi cờ và nhà tư tưởng” – chất xúc tác thúc đẩy những thuộc thảo luận của giới tinh hoa, quý tộc.

In Ottoman society, coffee is a symbol of hospitality and friendship. The culture of enjoying coffee promotes the development of a system of fine arts and crafts to make brewing tools. Coffee cups, trays, mortars, hand blenders, stoves, pots... all have special artistic value and create unique works. Offering coffee in exquisite cups is a way for the Ottomans to honor the dignity of those who enjoy coffee with them.

There is a famous Ottoman proverb "The memory of a cup of coffee lasts for 40 years", which means that precious moments when enjoying a cup of coffee with friends will be treasured for a lifetime. The culture of enjoying coffee is considered by Ottoman society and now Turkey to be part of cultural heritage, a symbol of lifestyle. In 2013, Ottoman coffee civilization (Turkish coffee) was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.