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Library of Light - Upward space

Upward space

The upward space located in the Coffee World Museum has a spiral cone-shaped architecture that represents creativity, eternity, the movement of time, the connection between the universe, humans and nature. In nature, the spiral is also a symbol of the sun, symbolizing energy, development, and life. Trung Nguyen Legend wants to convey that when visitors come to this upward space, it is time to slow down, give themselves quiet moments, and enjoy the beauty of life, which can come from the sound of art, or simply contemplate the shape in this architectural space and its meanings. In the upward space, as each person goes up, they will see themselves closer to the light (closer to the truth). Then you will see that everything below is even smaller. This is one of the elements that symbolizes the social and spiritual nature of the architectural work.

Library of Light

The heart of the Coffee World Museum is the Light Library, with the centerpiece being the life-changing Foundation Bookcase, selected from the quintessential treasury of human knowledge. Trung Nguyen Legend's efforts and enthusiasm over the years have been to search, filter... in the treasury of human knowledge to produce a comprehensive, life-changing Foundation Bookcase, covering all basic fields of life: Science, Philosophy, Mysticism, Medicine, Martial Arts, Economics, Politics, Ethics, Sociology, Aesthetics, Acoustics and Linguistics. More than 100 precious books, nearly 100 precious movies of the life-changing foundational bookcase and movie cabinet were carefully and whole-heartedly selected by Founder - Chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Group DANG LE NGUYEN VU from millions of books, from thousands of examples of humanity's most successful great men and women. Among them, the 5 books of "Think and Grow Rich", "An Encouragement of Learning", "Startup Nation", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", "No Failures – All Trials" are the first foundational books. The opening of the "Life-Changing Foundation Bookcase" was given to tens of millions of Vietnamese youths on the Journey from the Heart - The Journey of Great Will – Nation-building Startup.