The World Coffee Museum

"Coffee is a treasure of the universe, a heritage of mankind and a solution for the future"
Chairman Vu - Founder of Trung Nguyen Legend Group

Chairman Vu's initial idea of building a coffee capital of the world , making it converging place for coffee lovers was materialized by The World of Coffee Museum , exhibiting thousands of objects and coffee heritages of the world.

May 2008: The Coffee Capital of the World Project was issued in Daklak's .Resolution on sustainable coffee development in the new age. What most people don't know is that, several years ago, in a meeting with a number of important leaders of Vietnam, Trung Nguyen first mentioned the idea of "The Coffee Capital of the World". It had caused quite a controversy and skepticism from many people. Over the next two years, Trung Nguyen persistently promoted and convinced policy makers, scientists, artists, and the press to make this idea happened. Trung Nguyen continuingly organized campaigns and creative camps, inviting renowned specialists from all around the world to give advices on economics, agriculture, tourism and architecture.

March 2009: The Coffee Capital of the World's Materialization Conference was held  at the 240-acre plantation of Trung Nguyen in Ma D'rak with the presence of local leaders and politicians, scholars and artists from many countries. Together, they passionately contributed ideas for this project to make it happen. 

Building The Coffee Capital of the World is building a sanctuary of coffee, to converge coffee lovers all around the world. The Coffee Capital of the World has a sustainable environment that revolves around coffee, with buildings that represent the spirit of coffee and journey of discovering coffee through time and space

People often associate a museum with a place to store things of the past, a place to honor history. Many of us think a museum must exhibit and preserves artworks in a quiet and boring way. But The World of Coffee Museum is the ultimate destination of coffee lovers around the world. It's a structure that represents Vietnam and is a place that gathers thousands of objects of coffee cultures of the world.

Thus The World of Coffee Museum is a museum of the future: with alively way of exhibiting and displaying, and an exhibition space that can interact with visitors. We provide visitors with an unique experience that requires using all five senses (sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch). It is a place to experience contemporary values and the transformation of life, without being restricted to the traditional definition of a "museum". Here at our museum, we have an Openexhibition space that expands activities in Body - Soul - Mind, with the Spirit of Coffee and enlarging your mind, your knowledge, your vision as our core values.

Objects exhibited at our museum are collected from all around the world, most especially are over 10,000 objects related to coffee from a number of coffee cultures around the world through various periods which belongs to Jens Burg Coffee Museum -, a popular tourist attraction in Hamburg, Germany. After three years trying to acquire these objects, Chairman Vu had convinced Jens Burg with his unweaving determination that he had met another person who "lives for coffee" to inherit his museum.

September 2020: Over 10,000 objects related to coffee from Jens Burg arrived in Vietnam and were brought to Trung Nguyen Coffee Village in Buon Ma Thuot.  "I'm completely confident in transferring my lifetime work to Trung Nguyen because I want to contribute to building a coffee capital of the world in Vietnam. This is the most meaningful and worthy contribution that I can offer at the end of my life." - Jens Burg.

Where's the museum?

Opening hours

  • 8h – 17h00
  • Monday - Sunday.
  • Open in the evening on major holidays.

Benefits for members?


  • 30% for students from Central Highlands
  • 50% for ethnic minority people and those who are eligible for Support of Culture and Arts Enjoyment Policy.


  • Families of employees of Trung Nguyen Group
  • Children under 6 years old
  • Disable peopel
  • Senior citizens (over 60 years old width a Vietnamese citizenship)
  • ICOM pass holders
  • TVBT pass holders
  • Press pass holders