Coffee Filter

Coffee Phin is one of the finest way to make a cup of coffee on the planet Earth!




The way of making Coffee Phin is very popular in Vietnam from small restaurants along the road to restaurants with luxury space. In the world there are many different types of tools for making Dripper brews hot or iced coffee, but the cafe is blended with Phin always brings the characteristic flavor and charm that no other tool created.

To get a good cup of coffee, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Prepare a clean cub, dry, coated cup through hot boiling water is a good way to make coffee.
  2. Step 2: Give a moderate amount of coffee in 1/2 phin, shake slightly with hand, compressing just fine hand absolute do not compress too tight water will not get all the coffee powder. You should note that the use of boiling water is very hot, about 95oC- 100oC to have a good taste of coffee.
  3. Step 3: Put a little water in and wait about 1 minute to moisten and swell the coffee, then begin to add water to about 2/3. In case you want to get more coffee water then let the water out first and then use another cup to get the next water cafe, should not add water immediately after that will lose the flavor of the water cafe .
  4. Step 4: For 1-2 cups of fine salt, a little condensed milk will be the way to make delicious coffee, help the coffee smell better, have more attractive colors, reduce the smell of sugar effectively.

The best flavor is achieved in about 4 minutes. Water that drips through after that time may not be adding a lot of flavor to the coffee, so that is why it is best to adjust the amount of coffee to make it about a 4-minute brew.


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