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When studying the history, origin and culture of coffee all over the world, Trung Nguyen Legend Group has realized that coffee had originated in the East (Ethiopia, Ottoman) then was introduced and developed by the West (Roman); then the Westerners brought coffee back to the East to cultivate forming vast raw material areas, providing humanity with an indispensable energy drink in life. The movement, development and return can be summed up that coffee was born and developed as a cycle from the East to the West and back to its origin, seeking Eastern civilization.

In its cycle, coffee has been associated with the life of European and American intellectuals and scholars in all fields such as philosophy, theology, science, mathematics, astronomy, music, arts and politics, with the help of cups of energy coffee. A lot of inventions have contributed to development of human civilization, many great works and books have helped to change a whole society and an institution presented.

However, when the changes and development reach a “threshold”, also along with cups of coffee, the humankind will go on a silent pilgrimage to find “a lost paradise”. In archaeological and historical studies, many scholars have proved how the Ottoman and Roman empires flourished and declined; how human development has been, how they have lived and factors pertaining to life and culture in each period. Mankind has regarded the West as the pinnacle of civilization to learn but leading scientists and scholars are looking for concepts, life styles, values ​​and meanings of Eastern life fallen into oblivion, or has no longer been in Western culture and life. And in any situations, coffee also appears in that research journey.

Understanding the humanity values of coffee, the World Coffee Museum, Trung Nguyen Legend Group organizes the Exhibition “Coffee Civilizations – Journey to discover humanity values” aiming to bring the journey of exploring the coffee culture to life of the mankind from the past to the present. From that discovery journey, Trung Nguyen Legend would like to send a message to the community of those who love and are passionate about a green and sustainable lifestyle, from production to consumption, towards an ecosystem of Green Economy. No matter who you are, where you are from or wherever you use coffee, you need to understand and practice Responsible Creativity, which means the Creativity must not be against nature, but hamonize and nuture the nature.

All knowledge introduced in the Exhibition: “Coffee Civilizations – Journey to discover humanity values” is referenced, learned and compiled on the base of the document: “Trung Nguyen Coffee Philosophy written by Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu – Founder and Chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Group and Prof. Dr. Ton That Nguyen Thiem. At the same time, internal documents of Trung Nguyen Legend Group during 25 years are also selected and introduced. In addition, the research works on coffee of many scholars in the world, such as Gondrom Verlag (1999), Kaffee -Die Schwarze leidenschaft; Danilo Reato (1999), Kunstler im Café; Thomas Leeb and Ingo Rogalla (2003), Perfekt zubereitet Kaffee Espresso & Barista; C. Bertelsmann (2004), Café Bagdad; Claus Fricke (2007) Handbuch Kaffeerosten zu Hause; … have been referenced to be shown in this exhibition.

The objects in the exhibition are selected by the curators MA. Pham Thi Diep Giang and PhD. Luong Thanh Son from a collection of more than 10,000 objects of coffee culture from all over the world at the world’s largest Coffee Museum.

Welcome distinguished guests to the journey of exploring the temporary exhibition “Coffee Civilizations – Journey to discover humanity values” to be on the way to true success together.