Annam Heritage Shoes Collection


With a hobby of collecting Converse shoes and a passion for researching Vietnamese antiques; growing up in a family with a tradition of researching ethnic musical instruments and collecting Hue royal antiquities, young painter La Quoc Bao began a creative journey, breathing life into Converse shoes with the program called “Finding Vietnamese costumes” and especially the project “Thousand years of caps and robes”.

During a visit to Huynh Thuy Le ancient house, La Quoc Bao was impressed by the beauty of the old house, which inspired him to combine the decorative motifs and patterns of the Nguyen Dynasty of Huynh Thuy Le ancient house with Converse shoes whose design has remained unchanged over the past 100 years. And from there, the first shoes of the Annam Heritage collection were born.

The Annam Heritage collection was created by La Quoc Bao on the background of Hue royal art and architecture, with the first set of designs being based on the pattern of the “Nhat Binh” shirt. This is a typical Vietnamese traditional royal clothes, which is reserved for the Queens, princesses and ladies of the Nguyen Dynasty. They are followed by ideas from mandarin vestments, Hue Citadel dragon curtain, Cuu Long An Van mural, etc.

In addition to the unique design that is a blend of tradition and modernity, the products of the Annam Heritage collection are meticulously and fully hand-painted to create unique shoes in limited quantities. Immediately upon launch, shoes like La Quoc Bao’s artworks were well received in many countries around the world, especially the overseas Vietnamese community.

The “Annam Heritage” collection was honored to be selected to participate in WORLD EXPO 2020, which took place in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.


  1. Dai Dia Giai The work about the four mascots in Eastern culture: dragon, tiger, phoenix, and turtle is painted on a beige background dyed with Trung Nguyen Legend coffee.
  2. “Huyền” Nhat Binh
  3. “Chánh hoàng” Nhat Binh
  4. “Cam bích” Nhat Binh
  5. Nghien Hoa Ky Phuc is inspired by the Nguyen Dynasty’s ao dai, made of black silk fabric with “flower motifs”.
  6. Nghien Hoa Ky Phuc inspired by the Nguyen Dynasty’s Ao Dai made of blue silk fabric
  7. Dragon curtain with natural luminous effect technique

Painter La Quoc Bao

  • Born in 1997, majoring in Architectural Design at Monash University (Melbourne, Austrailia)
  • Independent cultural researcher/artist
  • Founder of the brand BARO
  • With the BARO brand, in addition to a collection inspired by Vietnam’s Hue royal motifs, La Quoc Bao also pays special attention to countries with similar culture and writing, including China, Japan, South Korea andVietnam and has released products, like “Splendor of Ryukyu” which describes the hand-painted Bingata dress of the ancient country of Ryukyu (now Okinawa).
  • The “Annam Heritage” shoe collection inspired by the art of the Nguyen Dynasty of La Quoc Bao was honored to be selected to participate in the World Expo 2021-2022.
  • Currently implementing the project of recreating Nguyen’s court dress “Hoa Quan Le Phuc” with CGI artist Nguyen Phung Minh Luan. The first work inspired by Nam Phuong Empress’s costumes has been released, with the participation of actress Pham Nguyen Lan Thy – the muse “Bich Diem” in the upcoming movie “Me and Trinh”.