“Without coffee, politics loses its soul.” (Sans café, la politique sent car elle perd son essence – Napoléon Bonaparte).

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.” (Charles Maurice de Talleyrand – 1st Prince of Benevento, then 1st Prince of Talleyrand, a laicized French bishop, politician, and diplomat).

Processing is also a critical part of making a good quality cup of coffee, besides planting, tending, harvesting. After harvesting, and before selling to the market, coffee beans are processed by two methods: dry processed and wet processed.

Natural/Dry-processed: After being harvested, ripe coffee berries are laid out on a patio fruit intact, and the coffee is allowed to dry slowly for around 1 week, depending on the weather, but generally, if if the moisture is about 12%, then we can finish drying. Once dry, the fruit is stripped away from the bean.

Washed/Wet processed: Coffee berries are sorted green and ripe separately. Ripe berries are de-pulped, which removes the skin and most of the fruit around the bean then let to ferment for 12-36 hours. Then the coffee is washed to clean off the slimy liquid which covers the beans before drying until the moisture is about 12%.


“A Barista is a specialist, a philosopher, an artist, a doctor, and magician of blending.”

– Chairman Dang Le Nguyen Vu – Founder of Trung Nguyen Legend

At Trung Nguyen, we see coffee as ENERGY COFFEE. It is made of three components: Ingredient, the Soul, and the Universe.

Materials: To make a perfect cup of coffee needs the best ingredients and the most advance technologies.

The Soul: As Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment had proved, even water has soul. When planting, tending, harvesting, processing and making, people of Trung Nguyen put our heart and soul into doing it, with a desire to serve our customers the best coffee we can make.

The Universe: “Coffee is the treasure of the Universe.” Not every land on Earth can grow coffee; only those who are close to the equator – where Yin and Yang is at balance and the climate is pleasant – can.

The historic journey of coffee is a long and unfinished story. But now is the time you will see the most delicate, the most interesting sides of coffee and you will see why CHAIRMAN DANG LE NGUYEN VU – Founder of Trung Nguyen Legend – said, “The whole universe in one cup of coffee.”